Health Benefits

If you have health benefits through church or on your own as a small business owner, can you let me know what you use and what kind of plan you have? I am trying to plan ahead for our church and providing medical benefits and love to get information from happy customers or unhappy customers. Thanks.

2 Responses to Health Benefits

  1. Chad Wright says:

    We use Unicare. Not great coverage but also not the most expensive in the world. I guess it’s a give and take thing. Is there really such a thing as good health insurance?

  2. Brian St.Clair says:

    There is a website that will compare multiple companies by the information you provide. I think it is We used it to find insurance for ourselves. It will breakdown all the coverage and pricing from all the companies out there. Also it gives ratings on the plans. I agree with Chad though, there really isn’t a “good” insurance plan or company out there.

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