Ready For Ike?

As we prepare to face a crazy couple of days, I wondered just how many people really prepare for the possibility of disaster. Driving home, I thought I would put some thoughts together. Mind you, nothing we will face can compare to those living on the coast who have had direct hits from hurricanes. But we could see some crazy stuff here in Austin. So this is my plan to prepare for a few days without normal power and water and so forth, which obviously is a worst case scenario at this point. I don’t see it happening, but honestly better to be prepared.

Fill the car up with gas now. No electricity, no gas. No gas, no travel. Don’t wait til later. Lines. Supply. Who knows what else could be a problem.

Keep making ice in the fridge and bagging it. I can always use it later. But ice will keep things frozen in the freezer longer, provides an ability to keep foods cold in a cooler, and can also be a source for water.

Have a cooler ready to go.

Have a couple of jugs of water in the fridge and a couple in the cooler. Water is a key element to being without. Food is not as critical as water. There will be some water in the hot water cooler. But other than that, if the water is turned off, that’s all she wrote.

Candles, flashlights, and batteries for whatever needs it.

Propane. I have a full propane tank and wood on standby. I use it anyway. But I could cook for about five days or more with what’s on hand.

Tarps. You never know just what you might need one for. Keep them handy.

Sweet tea. Ultimate survival drink.

2 Responses to Ready For Ike?

  1. David says:

    Cheri and I were kicking around the idea of staying at y’alls house for the weekend. Sweet tea sounds good.

  2. Kandy says:

    Sorry, David. Tony says the offer is only good for Cowboys fans.

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