The Price Of Virginity

Saw this story referred by a twitter friend.

It’s a bout a girl who is selling her virginity to the highest bidder in order to pay for college. I can’t tell you how much this should trouble us all.

First, the cost of losing her virginity will be more than she can imagine. The story will be forgotten eventually, but the event will live on in her mind forever. And she is no doubt creating a legacy for her future kids and grandkids.

Second, that anyone would bid on this repulses me. I just simply can’t believe anyone would seriously put in an offer. The girl in question hopes to raise around a million dollars. Anyone bidding on this obviously needs some serious help.

Third, the fact that this story has gotten so much traction with little rebuttal continues to point to a sex filled, lustful society. And, we continue to head down a path that seems to continually point us towards post-Christianity type symptoms.

Fourth, I am praying for this girl. How bout you? Will you join me?

Fifth, would it be crazy to put up a chip in campaign to buy this girls virginity and let her keep it? Probably. What would Jesus do? Seriously, I wonder what He would do.

3 Responses to The Price Of Virginity

  1. jennet says:

    I just got done commenting to my coworker that I hoped someone would buy it and then let her keep it.

    I used to wish I could afford to go to college without going into debt – used to joke about selling everything I own, or finding some rich person and convincing them to send me (after all, for some people a 4 year tuition is nothing!) but ultimately I couldn’t even seriously consider selling myself.

    Obviously she can. It’s really heartbreaking.

  2. ioanna says:

    First of all i think it’s totally unfair that we should pay for college.I think higher education should be free and accesible if you show academic potential(like in high school grades).I know a lot of people who were ok students (A’s and B’s) but they didn’t go to college brcause they couldn’t afford it.On the other hand,a lot of airheads from my school went off to college just cause their parentss could pay their tuition fees.As for this girl,i have a better idea…why doesn’t she ask a dollar from each visitor on e-bay?i would give it to her and if 5000 people do the same..i guess the debt is gone.

  3. ioanna. Interesting you want college for free. So who should pay for it? I agree some can’t afford college. But there are ways to go to college, work, loans, grants, and still get that education. I have found if people really want something, they will find a way, even if it’s selling virginity.

    I agree some people go to college and simply sponge their parents and waste time and eventually drop out or maybe graduate but with no real purpose. But in life, there are people all over the place taking advantage of their situations.

    At the end of the day, we all have to follow God with all our heart, do what it is we know we are to do, and love people like crazy. Selling virginity is probably not a way to do it.

    Jennet, I agree. I wish we could buy this virginity and give it back to her. But would that solve some fundamental issues inside her? Dunno.

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