Sunday afternoon

Today was exceptionally draining but not in a bad way. I had a pile of meetings this last week and I had a lot to prepare for today at church. Our worship leaders were out so it was to me to lead the band. Shannon did a great job leading worship and my son amazes me that he can carry the rhythm on guitar by himself at only 16. I had to play bass. That taxes me to play and then go on to preach.

Preaching was seriously exhausting today. Not in a bad way. It was just draining. We went to lunch after church, came home and I crashed for two hours.

Tonight is youth. We are starting up again but doing it on Sunday nights. I have a team in place that is ready to rock. I have to lead it for a bit to steer it then let it fly.

I have a pretty busy week ahead, but I know God is moving and speaking and working in our midst!

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