I think our Legacy leadership team is amazing. I hate it when churches treat leaders as if they have expiration dates-as if when they have fulfilled their usefulness, they discard them. That’s not to say that there are times when people should not be in leadership. But if that’s not the case, I feel it’s best to try and keep leadership teams in tact if at all possible.

I have watched two of our staff couples work through transitions to new positions. It’s tough. I do know how they feel. They have questions of failure or inadequacy or perhaps that maybe they hadn’t peaked yet. They wonder if it’s the right decision. And probably a host of other feelings.

But they have handled it amazingly well. And, I would say, both the area of ministry they left behind and the area of ministry they are migrating to are both raising up a level. And that’s the way it should be.

And both of these areas of ministry happen to be our front door. One area is the ushers and greeters. These are the people that meet our people each week for the first time. And the other area is the online ministry. I am so pumped about this area. I think people will lurk online at our service and talk with someone in the chat room before they ever step foot in our building. I really believe these two guys will actually meet and get to know more people than I will. And I think both of these guys are amazingly good at one on one conversations with people. And that has me excited for Legacy and for their ministry areas and for them!

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