I think we are all stirred at times. Stirring is good. It agitates complacency and routine. Stirring makes us think more, pray more, consider more. Stirring sets heat under the skillets filled with “what could happen” and “I wonder”.

Some people don’t like stirring. Let’s keep everything the same. Consider the outhouse. Had we just kept “doing business” as usual, we would still be getting splinters in our butt. Consider the automobile. Riding a horse is fun for the first few minutes but sooner or later you start to feel it in the hind quarters. Consider candy bars. I am glad someone was stirred enough to create Snickers.

We all need stirring. We need to be deeply moved out of our comfort zone from time to time as it profoundly helps us discard what we shouldn’t have held on to and helps us grasp more tightly those things that are extremely vital.

Embrace the stirring and the One doing the stirring.

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