I think church is all about people. God’s people. But people none the less. Jesus made it so. He died for people. Not for church. Not for our economy. Not for the Cowboys organization. Not for my home or car. People.

This fall, I am going to be driving more things that revolve around relationships with people. Mind you, it’s not about people being the most important thing or the center of it all. Rather, it is people centering around God. I honestly believe that when people gather, God loves it and shows up. It can be any event like church  or picnics or baptisms or cookouts or fantasy football. It is all about God and His people.

I am intrigued what Heaven will be like. I do know it will be about God and His people. And there will be activities like meals and singing and having church and amazing light light shows and sound systems that will blow our mind. But it’s about people loving God and loving each other. People.

2 Responses to People

  1. nolpol says:

    I’m not agree here, Jesus is alive in the heart of every one! Even those people who don’t trust in God, sometimes ask for help or something else…& say “thanks God” when they get what they want…I’m sure…

    • There is a difference between knowing Who is Jesus and having Jesus as your Lord. So while it might be easy to think everyone has Jesus in their heart, it would not explain, then, the verse in Revelation where Jesus says He is standing at the door of their hearts and knocking.

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