The last few weeks have been pretty heavy. Lot’s of things going on with lots of breakthroughs seemingly unfindable. But in the last few days, I am amazed at the muscle God has put behind my prayer list. I have been praying for big things. Crazy things. And I am seeing God methodically work through my list.

I am just gonna be honest. There simply wasn’t movement on some of these things. I at times expressed my frustration to God. Never a lack of faith in Him. But at times I had a real sense of “where are you at God?” There would be a day or two here and there where it was kind of understood between me and God that I needed some answers and He hadn’t provided them yet and it was kind of like a sumo wrestling match where we would kind of circle up around something with no progress.

I am really pretty amazed at what has happened in the last four weeks. Seriously. God has amazingly moved. I have been in shock and in awe of the various things that are finding resolution.

God, thanks. I appreciate it. I really do. Thanks for your patience and not whacking me in the noggin but just letting me talk it all out with You. Really. Thanks!

One Response to PUSH

  1. Ellen Monroe says:

    Hey Tony!
    Just wanted to let you know that if you need any help doing paperwork, filing, making bulitions etc….. let me know. I used to do that in my old church. I would like to help out. If you don’t need me at this time, that’s okay too. I like to start off small, and then enlarge on the responsibilities. Baby steps, especially since getting burned in past churches I’ve attended.
    Let me know if I can be of any help.

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