Wow Sunday

As I write this blog post, I realize perspective is everything. David beating Goliath was huge. But so was a group of people walking around Jericho and knocking it down vocally was huge. Perspective.

So, today, we planned on this being a wow day. And here is a mild recap of the service highlights.

First, we took up an offering. We asked everyone to give their best offering today. I knew it would be big. And it was. $12,000. Now in perspective, I have been in services where over $100,000 was given. But for us, a new church growing little by little, that was a big offering, and it was on a fourth Sunday. $8,000 of this offering came from They only know of us through someone that went to their church, moved here, and is now working in our youth department. For whatever reason, they felt impressed to give us an amazing gift. And then, our church rallied and dropped $4,000 in our offering. A big thanks to LF and a big thanks to our church for stepping up.

Second, we asked our church to put up more cans for the food pantry in our area. We already dropped 130+ cans on them a couple of weeks ago. To gather another 130+ cans today was really amazing.

Third, we cast vision for every area of our church and it I think most were amazed at all we have planned for the next quarter. In fact, if we can do everything I am thinking and everything our team is planning, wow, might be an understatement.

Fourth, and not so wow, we said goodbye to our worship pastors as they prepare to move back to Tomball. They have served with us for two years after moving here to handle our worship ministry. We will surely miss them but bless them as they transition to their next adventure. We obviously are praying for our next worship pastor to find us and us find them!

What an amazing day.

One Response to Wow Sunday

  1. Hey bro! So glad to hear about WOW Sunday. I’m excited for what God’s going to do through your fellowship. And… I know how hard it is to lose people in leadership… we’ll be praying for you guys.

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