It seems like there is always a next. Next step. Next grade. Next job. Next mile. Next day. And we are always looking at the next, dreaming about the next, wishing the next was the now.

Tomorrow, I am going to focus on maximizing all of the now. I realize by saying tomorrow I am talking about the next. But it’s late tonight and am thinking about tomorrow. And I want to maximize tomorrow. I want to pray enough. I want to read my Bible enough. I want to love my kids enough. I even want to have the rest of my three cavities filled in with zeal. I want to make tomorrow count for lots of things. And I want to remember next can’t get here til now gets done. And if I do the here and now really well, the next will be added on top of some amazing things.

What’s your next? Are you overlooking the here, the now, for the next?

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