Accountability Questions

I was asked to post the questions I have our leadership team answer and give to me each week. I have also typed a description of why I ask for it.

1. Did you read your Bible and pray regularly last week? 

If a person can’t pray and read their Bible consistently, I question whether they should be in ministry. The number one job of ministry is to lead people into a dynamic relationship with Christ. And they must be held accountable to being a disciple. This helps me know how to help them if they need it in reading or prayer.

2. What are areas God is speaking to you that you are wrestling with?

This helps me to know a bit about where they are in their walk with Christ and what is challenging them personally. It is a way for me to pray specifically for them in their personal walk.

3. In what way did you move your ministry area forward? 

This question helps me see if someone is pulling their weight in ministry. If they are not working on their area of ministry, calling people, praying, or getting their department moving, then they are not really doing ministry. We are to advance the kingdom of God. And staff people need to demonstrate on a weekly basis what they did that week to propel the kingdom and our church forward. And if a person is not moving the kingdom forward through our church, they simply may not be called to a high level of ministry and may not be called to a high leadership position.

4. Have you been with a man or a woman in the last week that could be viewed as compromising or in a way that would cause concern for your spouse?

This helps me hold them accountable for being with the opposite sex, being involved in inappropriate relationships, or to know if something happened that I need to be aware of. The person can always lie, as in any of the other questions. But it’s a question I feel I need to ask and have answered.

5. Did you properly manage your finances last week and are you faithful in your tithing?

The Bible is clear that if we can’t manage our own finances, we won’t manage well the finances of God. Tithing is crucial. A lack of tithing is grounds for removal. Why? Because we as leaders have to set the example. And we must walk out Biblical obedience. It may sound harsh, but we have to lead by example, not because we have to, but because we believe the Bible.

6. Have you viewed any sexually explicit material? 

Pornography affects more people than we know. Many are pastors. I want to know if our staff is wrestling with this and I want to be vigilant to fight against it and help our team overcome. Answering this question is important. And if they know they have to answer it, they will hopefully thing twice about engaging this kind of material.

7. How have you nurtured your spouse prayed for your spouse honored your spouse? 

We think it’s pretty important that a man or woman values his or her spouse more than they do the church. Family first. And I have to make sure we have healthy vibrant couples on our church staff. I can’t know everything or fix everything. But I can know if there are warning signs.

8. What can I pray for you about?

This is straight forward. I want them to tell me specifically what to pray for them about.

2 Responses to Accountability Questions

  1. Bruce Chant says:

    Great post Tony – very helpful questions

  2. Luke says:

    Great accountability questions. I’ve compiled different lists of these a while back:

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