Little Things Matter

In church last Sunday, I was working on something and one of our leaders walked over to talk to me. After the person walked away, I noticed that there was some trash on the floor. This person walked right over it. I noticed it. And I picked it up and threw it away. It was a little thing, but it mattered to the appearance of our building.

On the plane to New York, I noticed a woman struggling to get her bag in the overhead compartment. I asked her if she needed some help with her bag. Six other guys were closer to her than I was. Why didn’t they all offer to help. It was a little thing, but it mattered to her.

I played video games with my daughter a couple of days ago. She was bored. She had nothing to do and had that kind of look on her face. So I offered to play video games. It was the wii tank game. It was a little thing but it mattered to her boredom.

Writing this, I wonder how many little thing moments I miss. I want to be awre of the little things. And I don’t want to blow them off just because they may not be big to me. I hope you think about some of those kind of little things. They really do make our world a great place.

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