Being in New York, I am reminded at just how little diverse culture we have in Austin. Sure we have a few ethnic mixes. But in New York, there is everything all melded in together, somewhat segregated by neighborhoods. But I love that. I love the food options, the discussion options, the heritage options. I think in some small way I was robbed by not being born in New York. I really love being there. I don’t want to move there. But I love being there.

And just being honest, I really love being around New York Italians. I don’t know what it is but I just feel at home around them. I sat next to a girl on the plane home. She was a New York Italian. Her dad was born in Italy. And she reminded me of my cousins. I felt like I was talking to family. We talked about food and talking with our hands and being loud and all that kind of stuff normally associated with Italians.

So here is the bow on the package. God has created diversity. Not the kind of diversity we all hear in the news and is being jammed down our throats. Diversity in that each piece of the cultural puzzle brings an amazing addition to the whole picture. God loves the diversity He created. God loves variety. God loves the mosaic approach to life. And in His words, He loves it when we are all neatly joined together. Just because I am Italian doesn’t mean I dont love Greek culture and Jewish culture and Jamaican culture and Irish culture. I love the diversity. And you should too!

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