Barack Obama and John McCain are incapable. Our church, I am finding out, is pretty diverse. We have both Democrats and Republicans. Both are pretty vehement about their allegiance and choice. But I am going to be forthright and advise neither of these candidates can get done what needs to be done in this country. And, to add more wood for the fire, the congress of our United States can’t get it done. In fact, not one person in this country has the answer. And if you think I am wrong, I declare you to be wrong.

There is one soverign entity that can change our country. Just one. And it is Jesus Himself. I know – you think that’s a cheesy statement. But it’s true. I have seen God move when democrats were in office and when republicans were in office. But our biggest clumsy mistake is when we vote and think we have done the job. “If our guy doesnt win, don’t blame me for all the coming problems.” I get that. But you aren’t off the hook. You are tasked with praying for our country, our leaders, and our people. Change, real change, comes about when we pray. And change can only take place when God effects it in our country. Change without God is only temporary pacification. Prayer moves God to change us into His image and His design.

Are you worried about our economy? Pray for our leaders and people. Are you worried about pollution and “green” living? Pray for our leaders and our people. Are you worried about abortion issues? Pray for our leaders and our country. Are you worried about the lack of a moral compass? Pray for our leaders and our people.  No seriously. Pray. Because outside of that, our country will remain incapable.

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