Worship Pastor

Last night we interviewed a couple for our worship pastor spot. I am not fond of traditional interviews. Stale. Calculated. Predictable. I like interaction. I like to investigate chemistry. I like to create an opportunity of exploration to make sure it’s a match.

I think one of the biggest challenges is making sure all the questions get asked and answered on both sides. It always has to be a fit for both sides. I have interviewed a handful of times for church jobs. And I was offered all of the ones I interviewed for but didn’t take them all. Fit. It simply has to fit both people.

Peace is another huge component of the process. We all have to have peace about it. There can’t be reservations. Reservations now often become huge exclamation points later. Both sides can’t have a lack of peace about the thing.

Another thing I look for is laughter. Can people laugh. I want to enjoy the journey with whoever is around me. Not too serious all the time.

One more piece (yes there are allot more) is are they herdable? Will they run with our herd? Will they hang out with our church people and with our staff? My personal feeling is that a worship pastor is a pastor. And pastors should have people around them that they care for. Can you be a pastor without actually having people to pastor?

We haven’t looked at any other candidates yet. We are mildly looking but we are simply trusting God through the whole process. But so far, I am amazed at God, and what He is doing and how He is stringing things together. Pray for us and our candidates.

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