I keep reminding myself

…that God always wins in the end

…that everything is temporary

…that the things I am complaining about are trivial in comparison

…that the economy can only steal my joy if I let it

…that people still need love

…that God always ALWAYS has a plan

…that I still have not gotten a Cinnabon

…that no matter who is elected, God still resides solidly on His throne about all other kings and presidents and government leaders

…that I am truly blessed

3 Responses to I keep reminding myself

  1. Jennet says:

    How have you not gotten a cinnabon? That’s just crazy!!

  2. Tony Chimento says:

    Right? I know. Can you believe the deprivation I am experiencing? Sheesh. There is no justice and no balance in the universe!

  3. […] friend Tony blogged this recently. And I agree.  Here’s my version of his […]

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