A couple of days, I went through a fiasco with AT&T. Typically, it is a fiasco to get something done with them. I am merely blogging it to get it off my chest and to vent. Honestly, you probably should fill your time with something other than reading this drivel. Do yourself a favor. You were warned.

We have two lines in our house, the telephone line and the fax line. I wanted to get rid of the fax line. I informed the THIRD operator (I kept count) I spoke to that I wanted it cancelled and I wanted to make sure our DSL line was not coming in on our fax line. I was assured it was not. I double checked. Nope. Not on the fax line. OK. Disconnect. He did. I left for dinner, came back, and the DSL was dead.

I called tech support. After speaking with the SIXTH operator in the entire series, he advises that the DSL was indeed on the other line. He opened a trouble ticket NUMBER ONE, and proceeded to advise DSL would be up the next day at around 8:30 am and all would be well. Nope. I call and talk finall with operator number EIGHT who advises there was no trouble ticket to be found. So he opens trouble ticket NUMBER TWO. Operator eight advises that nothing was done up to this point to resolve the issue. Operator six fell off the page. So we get it rolling. He will push things through and get the DSL up on my home phone line. Should be up in 12-15 hours.

I call back in 5 hours to nurse my case along. I finally get through after two transfers and speak with operator number ELEVEN. Eleven advises all the other stuff didnt get done. Why? Whenever there is a disconnect on a line, it has to work through the system before any new service (I already had DSL remember?) could be added. Eleven opens trouble ticket number THREE. What? Yep. Three. Agent eleven advises it will be three or more days before DSL can come up in our house. But great news. He is going to discount my services a lot to make up for the three plus hours of wasted voice mail jail and operator pogo. There is no way around it. It will have to be three or more days. Not good enough I say.

I ask to speak to a supervisor. So supervisor is now operator number twelve. And twelve opens another trouble ticket, number FOUR. Are you keeping up. After an hour with operator twelve, she finally comes to the conclusion that they could simply reverse the disconnect, give me discounts that would more than cover the cost of the fax line, and have the DSL come back up on the fax line. And it would be up in 12 hours.

So for those keeping score at home

Fax line cancelled
Fax line reinstated
DSL cancelled
DSL reinstated
Hours on phone, at least 4
Operators 12
Trouble tickets 4
Days spanned 2
Blood pressure spikes 7
Number of “I am sorry for your inconvenience” statements – too many to count
Value of the experience priceless

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