Things are just getting crazy lately. I don’t even know where to start honestly.

Yesterday we had a good number of people at church. A few guests. But it was just a really healthy and vibrant service. I enjoyed preaching. I was, however, preaching from a new platform. I like being on the floor. But I do understand that from that position, people can’t see me very well. Eye contact in smaller venues is huge.

We had guest worship leaders in church. They are candidates for our worship pastor position. After interviewing them and seeing them in action, and after allowing them to engage with our staff and church, we are excited that they are joining our staff. That is an amazing transition.

Youth was pretty good last night. Decent size group. I bought Wendy’s for everyone. It cost more than I was expecting but they teens are worth it.

It seems God is moving in all kinds of ways at our church and it is making me busier. Holy cow. I thought once we had all these teams in place, things would ease up a bit. Right…..

We still need to resolve our audio/video quality issues on our live vidcast on Sunday’s. But that is not a huge priority.

Texas Longhorns won!!! Dallas Cowboys lost!!! My FFL team will be decided tonight.

I have something every single night this week and a couple of nights are two appointments deep. Yikes.

Got a new iphone. It’s nice. I like it. But it’s overrated.

my twitter feed is tonychimento

Legacy twitter feed is legacylive

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