Speed Freak

It seems like things are speeding up. They were supposed to slow down. We have staff in place. We are adding more people to our leadership teams. Yet I feel busier and more swamped than ever. I feel like our church is ready to bust open and it unnerves me a bit because I have to lead this thing. Yikes.

It’s not so much a leadership problem for me. But working full time and church leadership full time makes for a jam packed schedule.

One thing I am loving is hearing people’s stories. It’s amazing to hear what God is doing in people’s lives. I love it. I am emotionally moved to hear about Jennet and Justin having Bible study every day in their home. I got a note from Sherri saying she loves Legacy. There is a work day going on Saturday. Russ is running full speed with it. Dianna continues to drive us to helping feed the hungry in Williamson County. I caught a sneak peak at Debbie leading our pre-schoolers in worship in their classroom. We have had meetings with people that are seeing God begin to speak to them and do amazing things.

Things are speeding up. And God is obviously asking us to accellerate and keep up. OK God, we will do our best. We all will do our best to follow you!!!!

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