Jesus and the worship team

This Sunday, half of our worship team was out. So instead of trying to piece something together or find a replacement, we simply opted out of worship and instead had a brunch and then did a bit more interactive sermon. It came of really well. The brunch looked amazing.

And it got me to thinking. From what I read, Jesus didn’t have a worship team and lights and multimedia for His services. In fact, most of His activities were impromptu with no acoustic guitar to help bring home the message and alter call. Not that any of that is bad. But sometimes, we can use all that as a crutch. We use all those elements at times to make our message more amazing, more emotional, more of whatever it is we are trying to get.

Sunday was a good reminder that Jesus, all by Himself, is still the message, is still the most important aspect of what we do, and is capable, all by Himself, of changing hearts and lives. And He can do it completely unplugged.

One Response to Jesus and the worship team

  1. Bosco Peters says:

    I appreciate your focus on worship
    There is a badge to encourage the importance of worship that you might like to place on your site:
    Let us also pray for each other and this online mission and ministry.

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