Title or Testimony

A while ago, I heard a sermon by Tony Campolo with the title above as his subject. And he talked about people wanting one or the other. Pharoah wanted the title, but Moses had the testimony. I like that. I know so many people that want to have the position of authority. They want to be in an important position. But they don’t do anything to earn it or don’t do anything to build on it. A title is the pursuit. All through my ministry years, I would run into people who just wanted to be important, the center of attention, the big figure. But they missed the point.

In the Jesus economy, there can only be One big figure. It is Jesus Himself. Titles are stupid. I have often talked with employees who wanted to be promoted. And the conversation usually revolved around titles. The ones that got promoted seemed to be the ones that were doing the stuff regardless of their title or position. They had the testimony.

It’s interesting. Throughout the Bible, it seems God’s people started out with training on how to become a testimony and then the title usually followed. David. Samuel. Moses. Noah. Jeremiah. Peter. God was working in them to simply look to Him as the most important figure. Today, I point solely to Jesus. He is more important. He is the One who gave me the testimony! And that’s way better than the title.

2 Responses to Title or Testimony

  1. Chad Wright says:

    The other interesting thing is that once people in the Bible attained the title, it didn’t solve all their problems. We seem to seek after titles and think “if I can just reach that level, all will be perfect.” It won’t. Each level just brings its own problems.

  2. that’s me! testimony = yes. title = no.

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