Interesting Day

I wasn’t sure how I was going to do today. I was feeling pretty poorly yesterday. Fatigued. Headache. I ate virtually nothing. So today, I woke up with wonder. But it worked out.

Worship was rough. Our sound system needs a serious overhaul. We had monster sized problems so we did three songs. It worked out. Not sure everyone noticed too much. But I did. And Michael and Brittany did. And it gives us a new opportunity to tear everything apart and evaluate. It needs to be done.

I preached the final part of the Compelling series. I have seriously felt God’s presence move through our congregation during these messages. And I believe our church is primed to compel people towards Christ. I have felt quite comfortable preaching the last few months.

Attendance has been up a lot the last few weeks. We have raised our average attendance. We are now seriously setting our sites on two services. So that will no doubt make it’s way into the three year plan we are working on right now.

I was sweating bullets today in service. Everyone else was perfectly comfortable. I think I must have still been a bit ill. But I was seriously en fuego.

We blessed our staff pastors today for their hard work the last year. I make it a point the last Sunday in October to give them a gift certificate and a card, bring em up front, pray for them, and bless them. They need a public pat on the back from time to time. At my last church, they didn’t do pastor appreciations at all. I don’t want to be like that. I want to make sure our team is appreciated.

We had some old friends show up at church. I want to harass them to come to our church but they are plugged in somewhere else. And I hate that when pastors openly poach. If you are a pastor and you invite people to your church who are already plugged in, you are setting a bad example and you will reap what you sow. So I am practicing what I preach.

Son had a soccer game today. I find that I am least spiritual in the soccer environment. I played for a lot of years and coached for a lot of years. And for whatever reason, that is one area I have to keep in check. I am passionate about it. Too passionate.

Went by the youth service after the game. I think your youth leaders are amazing. They are doing a fabulous job. They are taking what God has given them and committed to doing it with excellence. Some day, I think we will have a very powerful and amazing youth ministry.

Time for bed. I am believing God is going to do amazing things in my life this week. And I hope He does amazing things in your life this week too!!

One Response to Interesting Day

  1. mandyfarmer says:

    Our church showed their appreciation well this year. Two weeks ago, they gave gifts to our children. Last Sunday they gave me (the pastor’s wife) a gift, and today they gave Michael a bonus and the family tickets for a family fun day (amusement park).

    Mike and I added one thing to the day… We gave roses to two widowed pastor’s wives in our church. My heart goes out to these ladies. They have lived their whole adult life as pastor’s wives, but their husband precedes them to heaven and they lose their whole identity. They are precious ladies.

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