It’s Your Time

What are you doing? Better yet, what is it that you absolutely love doing? And what do you love doing that you think God has blessed you to do for Him? In the church, in the place where volunteers pretty much are the machine, we have to move from having people doing things because they need doing to having people doing things they have a deep passion for.

How can you tell passion? People just keep doing what they want to do. They gravitate towards it. They abandon their assigned roles at the first chance they get to do something they love. I believe some people should just stop doing what they are doing if they aren’t doing it well, if they aren’t impacting people, and if there are others behind them just dying to step into that spot and rock.

Jesus really does want a church that is organized, zealous, and a well oiled moving machine! And it has to be moved by the Holy Spirit and by passion.

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