Prepping For Growth

We hit a small growth edge. We are feeling our space feel a bit smaller and it’s a blast. We have integrated several new families and we hear more are headed our way from all over the place. In fact, we are now deliberating two services after the first of the year. What? Yep. Crazy. Our building will probably accomodate around 125-135 all packed in. Parking challenging at that level. Classrooms are challenging at that level. Everything is challening at that level. So, if our weekly average jumps up much more, we will start seriously making plans. Crazy.

One challenge of growth that always scares me is keeping the vision laser focused. I think Jesus wants to continue to use our church to bless Williamson County is some neat and unusual ways. Right now, we are making a small splash in a big pond. Eventually, we hope we can seriously make a big splash and get Jesus name out there along with the other churches in Williamson county.

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