Sound and lighting

As long as I have done church ministry, I have never experienced a period of time where I was perfectly happy and content with our gear, how it functions and how it was set up. Last Sunday was a bear. Sound check took about an hour. And all through the worship set, gear was acting up. So, after some time of minimal attention and care, it’s time to overhaul our gear and rework everything.

Wednesday night, Michael and I, along with some other guys he has bribed, will be dropping our elbows into the belly of our tech gear. Should be fun.

This is an important area. If people are distracted by faulty gear, then they will be distracted from the message of Christ. And this is true in any area of the church. We can’t afford to allow things to go on and fester. And that’s in any area. We have to quickly fix and resolve anything that makes someone break their attention from Christ.

One Response to Sound and lighting

  1. Jennet says:

    What is wrong with the sound? I’m not MUCH of a tech person but we went through a LOT of issues when I worked at St. Aidan’s, I was the sound tech when I wasn’t on stage… I don’t think I’d be much help but if I can help in any way then please let me know 🙂

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