My kids

I don’t spend a lot of time bragging on my kids. They don’t read my junk anyway. But both of them have really amazed me at their guitar skills. Tyler now plays lead most Sundays at church. He seriously tore up a couple of songs Sunday. If I had a spotlight, I might have shone it on him. Pretty amazing for a 16 year old. And Christa can play just about any song on the radio on her accoustic. For a 13 year old, I am just in awe. I have been playing bass for about 20 years and I can only manage one string and one note at a time.

All that to say, I am seriously blessed by having amazing kids. They aren’t perfect. Right? You know that. But they are great. I do get questions from time to time about what we have done to raise our kids to be where they are. Here are a few things we do:

We do talk alot about the Bible and what God expects:
We talk to them all the time about expectations, consequences, and character
We don’t waffle on our rules and requirements
We set high expectations and communicate them often
We don’t waffle on punishments and groundings
We keep them focused down the road at what they should be aiming for
We try to keep them engaged in having a family perspective as much as possible
We interject ourselves into what’s going on in their lives (games, events, etc.)
We require family meals often and don’t allow for much wavering
We have breakfast together with a devotion just about every weekday
We engage them in church, service, and ministry
We try and reward them as much as we can for being great kids
We laugh a TON!!!!!!!

We aren’t perfect parents. And we don’t always succeed at those things. But that’s what we aim at. How bout you?

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