It’s Saturday Night

Pure Randomness OK?

I am printing bulletins for tomorrow. And I am using a desk jet unfortunately. But I put the print to do fast printing. When it does that, it prints kind of violently. Just spits em out angrily. Funny.

We sold some church mats on craigslist today. The guy that came to pick them up was super nice. I asked him where he went to church. He said he didnt and that he was Jehovah’s Witness. Huh? I thought that was a church. Confused.

Texas vs Texas Tech. I am making nachos for this one. With Jalepenos. Oh yeah. This should be good.

Need to tweak the message for tomorrow but for the most part its done. Sermon series is YOU 2.0. It’s about the process of renewing and getting to that place of being more like Christ and less like us!

Kandy and I cleaned the church today. We should delegate that but we also feel it’s our part too. Place looks fairly decent. Lot’s to clean up after we overhauled the sound system, which sounds kickin by the way thanks to Michael and some other guys that flat out muscled it in.

My son has a girlfriend. The biggest challenge is making sure he is a man of character, a man of valor and a man holiness. So far so good! I hate dating honestly. It’s just an awful way process and there are more opportunities for sin than righteousness. But I will do my part to help keep it Godly!!!

Kandy and I need a night out alone. We have been going pretty much none stop all day and all night the last several weeks. She works just as hard as I do at all the stuff we are doing. She really deserves a break.

I am gainfully employed again. It’s no where near what I was making but God provides. And I really appreciate how well God takes care of me. The quote on my screen saver is by G K Chesterton that reads “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”. I like that. I am thankful and gratious.

Tomorrow, we need a pretty good offering. Our lease rent went up as per the contract. But I know God is faithful.

We have had some really wonderful families join us recently. And we are doing our best to get them into the flow of our church. They have just been great at diving right in. Very refreshing. The people of God are the most amazing people on the planet.

Last week, three people gave their life to Christ. Wow. That’s awesome. I am pumped about that. And I know God is moving to get us to see that happen alot.

Game time baby. Hookem horns.

One Response to It’s Saturday Night

  1. Glad to hear you’re working again, Tony. What are you doing?

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