Sunday Recap

We started a new series today titled You 2.0 and focused on helping people make the transition into being what God has called them to be and making the next step in their walk with Christ. I think I hit a nerve when I said that we can’t move on very much with Christ until we are willing to forgive people, drop our griefs, and bury our failures.

Church was fairly full again today. We continue now to think about two services. We aren’t there yet but our eye is now on that transition.

Worship was so much better today. Michael installed a completely new mixer – all digital. No analog boards, mixers, or eq’s. It’s all done from a program I think is called prosaunus. Amazing. All I can say is wow. It has cleaned up our sound immediately. Sound check is quicker. Just amazing.

Offering was pretty good. Our rent just went up as per contract so once again my prayers are focused again on God supplying more than He did last month. It’s a fun journey but can be taxing constantly thinking about our bills.

We are in the middle of a lot of transitions. I can feel a bit of tension in the church trying to walk along with them and not wig out. Our church seems to have some great maturity. But transitions always cause people to evaluate. And it’s our job as the staff to help with those transitions. I love our church. I think I am really falling deeply in love with the people of our church. I am so blessed by these folks.

Tell me if you think I am crazy. I think I want to have a service at the end of the month called BUST A GUT Sunday. I want to see how many people we can get to come to our service, encourage everyone to for sure show up on that Sunday, and have an amazingly HUGE blowout. Not sure what that looks like, but I think I want to do it. Bust the parking lot gut. Bust the chair capacity gut. Bust the kids ministry gut. Bust the offering box gut. Bust every gut we have in the church. Feedback would be lovely.

Right now I am listening to the Gateway Church worship CD. And it’s amazing how much it helps me worship. I really love Jesus and how He loves me and shows up when I worship Him.

This week, I need to work diligently at a lot of things church related. We have staff meeting Wednesday. And there is just a lot of small things I need to get done to make church run smoother. Thanks for reading!!!! Hope your week is amazing. Send me an email if I can help you or pray for you … tonyc @ legacyfellowship . org

3 Responses to Sunday Recap

  1. I totally missed your service this morning… whoops 🙂
    (actually during “odd” month (november is 11 = odd) we volunteer at both services at our church – during EVEN months – I watch your service before heading out the door)

    I’m so excited about what’s going on in your church right now!
    We’re praying for you guys.

  2. Brian
    Thanks man. I am trying to get the sound on the video worked out. We are almost there. Had an odd buzz to it today. I listened to it on ustream this evening. At any rate, thanks much for the prayers. And good job keeping up with your blogging. I pray for you often!!!!

  3. Chad Wright says:

    I did have the buzz but it’s *much* better than usual.

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