As I drove by the Library, the line was out the street to vote. Wow. Big election day. I think the percentage of turnout is going to be huge.

Went by Whataburger for a number 11 breakfast. MMM. I am so amazed by that franchise. They actually clean the parking lot, the building is always freshly painted, windows clean, everything in its place, and staff is always friendly. It may be fast food, but they do it right.

Got quite a bit to do today. But am glad I have things to do. I think.

Talked with my son today about death and the fact that there will be a day when I die. The subject came up because he said he was glad the cemetery wasn’t filled up. I made the comment that I needed to start thinking about securing funeral plots. I know I am in my early 40’s. But it’s inevitable. And I don’t want to saddle my kids with the cost of my burial. Morbid. But it is a good reminder that we only have so much time on the earth and we need to make it count for something.

Kind of sleepy today. I need to exercise. I think I am not active enough and it will help. This is the one phrase in my life I say all the time. But because I don’t do anything about it very often, I keep saying it. I want to take a pill that magically inspires me to exercise. I don’t take any medication so that wouldn’t work.

I am considering changing this blog. I have some different ideas about things. Not sure. No time yet. But pondering.

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