The Great Racial

Our country has now voted in an individual who is an African American. Even writing that makes me pause and make sure I have the write label. For so long, individuals of color have been called all kinds of things, some way inappropriate, some simply misguided and misdirected.

But now that this election has broken every barrier to minorities, we will now begin to feel the racial tension. It’s the same tension the country struggled with when Tiger Woods demolished the golf world. The problem though is that we immediately couple their amazing achievements with the color of their skin.

But Americans, and even the world, still wrestle with a simmering racial uneasiness. We struggle with the line of what is and is not acceptable discussion. Humor now must be checked first through the politically correct filter more than ever. While today, it is perfectly fine to completely belittle our sitting president, make fun of him, rip him apart, and shred any act or word he says, to do the same thing to our next president will be thought about first to make sure it doesn’t smack of racial tension.

Here’s the point in all this. I am glad that we now will have to deal with the racial tension. We now will have to come to grips with any hidden bigotry. We now will have to seriously evaluate if we are racially biased.

Writing this is not easy. I am planning to preach on this explosive topic next year. Being Italian, I have had a lot of people in my life call me Italian slang names or tell me jokes that clearly make fun of Italians. And they don’t bother me. And when someone tells me one of those jokes, I don’t think ill of them. But my ancestors did not suffer the same indignities and captivity that the ancestors of other races have suffered. And so there is a clear difference in history, experience, and path. And that is probably one of the key factors in racially charged statements – everyone wrestles with their own sensitivities and why their are sensitive about it to begin with.

I am glad that Jesus died on the cross for all people, all colors, all nations. That fact leads us forward. And I for one must constantly look within and see what’s simmering below the surface. I learned a while ago that I have in my family history family in the Klan. I have not confirmed it, but I believe it’s true. And I have not confronted it as I have not been around that part of my family for a while. But just knowing it is in my heritage makes me pretty disgusted. The only merit I can think of is that at least people in the Klan don’t hide their bigotry and racism, like the rest of us.

Sorry for such a random and rambling post. But I feel that our country has kind of glossed over the racial undertones for a while. And now, maybe now, we can as a country drive out the racial divisiveness.

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