He’s a pastor

Last night I had the privilege of hanging out at a high school football game. And I was given a field pass which meant we could watch the game on the field near the players. And the guy that invited me introduced me to all the other “field pass” guys. And he ended the introductions with “He’s a pastor.”

It’s kind of funny really. Whenever people hear that, they immediately check their language and the things they might normally talk about. And it usually only lasts a short period of time before they slip back into their normal mode of conversation.

I really enjoyed hanging out last night with those fellas. They were funny. They obviously love their families and the kids playing football, cheering and marching in the band. They were simply normal guys out having fun in a very healthy environment. It really doesn’t bother me when all the cuss bombs start flying. And perhaps it doesn’t bother Jesus that much either as long as their is a life that is committed to Christ. We all may not cuss, but we all have our issues.

I would like to think Jesus would have been doing what I was doing last night. He always hung around with the normal, everyday people doing what it was they were doing in their normal environments. It’s a bummer the season is over.

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