The mind

As I am getting older, on the shallow end of the 40’s, I am starting to notice wrestling with remembering things. Not big stuff. And not completely forgetting. But just not having instant recall. I suppose I have always had that kind of mind, but I am noticing it more these days.

This Sunday, as we continue the You 2.0 series, I am going to talk about the mind and how important it is to keep renewing it. They say that it’s easier for kids to learn a foreign language than adults. Why? I don’t know. Who is they? I don’t know. But the mind is a powerful tool. But it has to be renewed and cultivated and stimulated. And what we use to renew, cultivate and stimulate must be from the Kingdom of God or the renewing will have limited value and limited impact.

One of the things I am studying this week is how to improve memory retention. I just need to remember where I put some of my research materials.

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