Country Music Awards

OK. So yes I did watch the CMA’s last night. And of course, you know I have some feedback that you may or may not agree with. So let’s jump in.

Why do so many of the girls on this show, and lots of other award shows, have to show so much skin and cleavage. What has happened to modesty and decency. Kelly Pickler wore and outfit that surely revealed all to anyone sitting in the first five rows. And it would be nice for some of the guys to actually dress up a bit. It is an award show after all.

Country music continues to discard the music of the old and create a playground for the extremely young. Don’t believe me? Lee Ann Rhymes is too old now. I don’t think she was up for any award. She has gotta be over the hill at what 25 or 30? Sure you can say George Strait hung in there. But I suspect he is becoming a role model mentor to some of the guys and so he gets the nod. But honestly, country music is almost exclusively for the under 30 crowd it seems.

Country music doesn’t sound much like country music. Kid Rock? Yeah. I pegged him for a country boy right from the start. In fact, oh never mind. The point is, some of it just doesn’t look, sound, or feel like country.

Not sure who did some of the hair last night but it looked like an electrical storm was breakin out and the frizzies were kickin in somethin fierce. (Country sounding vernacular used on pupose).

I still like to hear about artists who haven’t cheated on their wife or husband and who are working hard at keeping their family together. And I still like to hear artists who thank God not just when they receive an award but in the middle of the songs they sing.

Fame is fleeting.

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