Church Attendance

I hadn’t realized it yet, but we pushed through another attendance record. Mind you, we are not running a bajillion. But it’s obvious we are slowly growing. Pretty cool.

If you ask me what we are doing to spur growth, I would say we are being purposeful about reaching out to others, praying, and making sure our teams are in place to serve those God sends our way. Nothing fancy. No fliers. No mailers. No billboards. Just plain old fashioned hard work and hard prayer.  And I would be crazy not to think that the main reason people are coming to check us out is Jesus. He is the amazing reason people come to Legacy.

Worship was good today. The team continues to gel and get tighter. Pretty good stuff.

We are almost there with our livestreaming of the service. We hope to have that public in December. Need to work on camera quality. Not sure what the problem is but it looks a bit blurry. If you want to check out our experimentation, you can go to and search for legacylive.

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