This is a new thrust for us lately. We are simplifying. We are eliminating any leaking finances and any wasted expenses. And it is quite liberating. We killed off Netflix. Cable was cut a while ago. We are breaking every dependance on any unnecessary expenditure and it’s a pretty good feeling.

I am finding that there is just too much clutter and too much waste. We have Craigs listed a few things just to get rid of them and get them out of the house. We had some lights that were in our garage that we replaced with other stuff. Gone. I had an old itouch. Gone. Next is our trampoline. It’ll be a goner. We also went through our clothes and sent some of our winter coats off to some Myanmar refugees. Next I think we will be going room by room to see what else is just taking up space and clutter.

We also came across some free firewood. And against all global warming advocates, we are keeping the fireplace warm and cozy to nock down the heating bills. And, we discovered if we keep the house around 65 degrees we sleep better.

Simplify. And now, I am working through my spiritual inventory to see what else is cluttering up my life. Try it. Start de-cluttering your life!

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