Scanning the news

Dancing with the stars is still on. Please get on with it. Your show has been dragging on way too long and you are occupying valuable prime time space.

Bush pardons a few people. But his pardons are half as many as Clinton so far. It’s a fairly normal function to pardon people on the way out. Jesus has pardoned way more people than anyone on record.

The U.S. gov is bailing out more and more industry. We are becoming more and more socialistic than ever. Bailout will be the word of the year. Funny how bailouts never get to the people.

A boy gets arrested for passing gas and turning off computers. I don’t think the computers were turned off by the gas. Seems to me if they are going to start arresting people for passing gas, they should start in the locker rooms. Those places stink something fierce. Another culprit might be Taco Bell.

Michael Vick wants back in the NFL. Teams are worried that dog lovers everywhere will throw a hissy fit and cause a PR nightmare. If I were to support dog fighting, which I don’t, I would love to see Paris Hilton’s dog go at it with a few other of those pint sized dogs of the spoiled actress generation. But I wouldn’t condone that.

Amy Winehouse is back in the hospital. Seems she had an allergic reaction to medicine. Saw a clip on her leaving her house smoking a cig. She has lung deterioration and there are all kinds of rumors about emphysema. It really breaks my heart to see people continue to smoke when they have such deep and serious medical issues.

That’s all for today. Go make some news.

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