Men’s Ministry

The men’s ministry is on my radar. I am now feeling the need to step this program up. It seems like I always have one pet ministry and work on it for a while till it gets up and rocking. So men’s is next.

My goal is to have one group leader to two or three guys and have them meet once a week for study and accountability. I think when we can break things down in those kinds of groups, it builds relationships quick because the group is so small. Accountability is a bit easier because the information is limited to that group. And you are missed if you aren’t there.

I also am wrestling with what to study or how to make this work in the context of Legacy. I don’t just want to do anything. I want to do what God has for us and our men’s ministry. But it is definitely on my radar. Let’s face it. I believe the health and vitality of any church can be linked back to how solid the men are. It’s not that women are not important or vital. They are. But men are half the equation. So it’s time for our men to bulk up and fill out that other half!!!

One Response to Men’s Ministry

  1. David Tobey says:

    Hey I am in on the Men’s Group. After being in one for over two years I miss the fellowship of other guys who are going through the same stuff. The other group I was in discussed how we can apply what the Bible teaches in our everyday lives.

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