Thanksgiving Day

Sure. Sure. You are gonna eat til you can’t move. You are gonna watch football or not. You are gonna think about other Thanksgivings you had. You are gonna laugh and talk about old times. You are gonna relax because you have the day off.

And, you are gonna give thanks at some point in the day because it’s what you do.

Sitting here, waiting for all the excitement and magic and thankfulness to begin, I am thankful for some very different things this time of year.

I am thankful for a new sense of simplicity coming into my life. I appreciate God allowing me to shed all kind of stuff to de-clutter my life. I love it.

I am thankful for some amazing friends I have met through Twitter and blogging. Honestly, the connections have been unique and have helped me think bigger than myself and my city. Even though I have traveled the world, I find that these people I have met are some amazing people and have helped me think outside the box.

I am thankful for a really amazing church. I am seeing a church start off crawling and now beginning to walk and run. Despite me, they are starting to become a living breathing dynamic church.

I obviously am thankful for my wife and kids. I bet it’s not always easy to live with me or endure me. But we have lots of fun. And my family is truly amazing and talented and gifted.

I am thankful for my brothers and relatives. I don’t see them all much, but I could have alot worse relatives (think Cousin Eddy on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).

I certainly am foremost thankful for Christ. I received so much through an amazing relationship with Jesus. I am a testimony that God can do anything through people.

And thanks for reading this. You could be reading anything else. But here you are reading. Why i don’t know. But you are. So thanks.

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