Friday Tossup

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I ate the traditional dinner with friends and watched the Cowboys handle their business with the Seahawks. Thanksgiving and football are synonymous to me really. And, the house I was ate also threw on some English football which made my day.

We left for another house to catch game two, the Longhorns vs Aggies. I had the pleasure of watching it with a dejected and frustrated aggie fan as Texas stuffed everything into the endzone.

Food highlight? Smoked pork tenderloin. Deep fried turkey. Even though I only ate the one meal, I was stuffed all day and just couldn’t see myself throwing a lot more food down my pie hole.

My wife, bless her heart, has amassed around 25 plastic tubs of Christmas decorations. They are always stored in the upstairs attic. That means all 25 of those bins have to come down to ground level. What a blessing. I honestly think our house is a supply depot for Hobby Lobby. But my wife, bless her heart, does an amazing job of transforming our “fall deco” home into “Christmas deco” home. It really is quite wonderful. She makes Christmas!

My brother and his wife are headed over here shortly for some hang time. Seriously thinking Mexican food for supper.

I really still have a lot to do this weekend. Kandy is gone to Luling for a craft show tomorrow so I will be able to get a few things done for Sunday.

I am starting to think forward about our church taking methodical steps to help people out of their messes. Yes that includes spiritual. But it also includes financial, emotional or whatever else that might look like.

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