Why They Won’t Go

I have heard from so many people about their friends and family and why people won’t go to church. I will summarize just a few I heard just this week.

—“I have been burned by the church and I don’t trust anyone there.”

—“I don’t feel like I am good enough.”

—“I don’t have time.”

—“I am nervous.”

—“I did my time as a kid. I got dragged to church.”

There is no easy answer to any of these. If you have been in church very long, someone, somewhere will probably have hurt your feelings or “burned you”. The church is not a perfect place. And it is not the intention of any church to go out of their way to shatter someones trust and faith. And this seems to be one of the big ones for why people won’t go to church. I hope Legacy is the kind of place that people don’t have any reservations about inviting people to.

None of us are good enough. That’s the whole point. We all need Jesus. We all need forgiveness. We all need a chance to start over. If there was a good enough requirement, the place would be empty.

We all really do have time to do what we want. What is tough is that the time invested in going to church, meeting people, and engaging God in a corporate setting, will absolutely help in all kinds of ways and exposes people to resources and tools to help for the long run. It’s worth the effort. And we miss out when you are not here!

Sure people are nervous. But that’s at any place. I think we are passed the time where churches make first timers stand up in the service or raise their hand. No one wants to be singled out. Regardless, at Legacy, you are safe. We want to know you are here, but we will simply greet you at the door and welcome you in. After that, it’s up to you how much noise you want to make as a first timer.

I understand you got drug around to church as a kid. But now that you are older, you can better comprehend what God is saying through His Word. You can get more out of it. Contrary to what you might be thinking, you are missing out. We absolutely have a blast in church, at events, gatherings and whatever else we throw ourselves into. Church people can be the most amazing and supportive and hilarious group of people you will ever meet. So give church another shot. Keep going til you find a place you feel comfortable in. Then you can start dragging your kids to church!!!

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