A superb question

I came across this question and with permission, I am reposting it – “Do you ever look at your life and think “you know I deserve much more than this””

If that’s not a loaded and pensive question, I don’t know what is. I think many of us feel like we deserve better, that life has dealt us some unfair cards, or that things just did not go as planned, despite our hard work and huge investment.

I want to peel this apart from a few angles. So here goes..

First, whatever situation I find myself in, someone would look at my situation and be envious. Though I think things might be rough, others would gladly take my place. I am doing pretty well compared to an aids victim, or someone who lost all their possessions in a flood, or who is in jail, or someone stuck in the orphanage system. So what I have to wrestle with is not all that bad by comparison.

Second, God absolutely knows what’s happening. My situation is not surprising Him. In fact, my situation may very well be preparation or training or correction for what He is trying to do in my life. God redeems every moment, every situation, every problem, and uses it for His good. If I find my situation to be unbearable, God has allowed it and our discussion or complaint or frustration must be directed towards Him. Talking with God can bring great understanding and wisdom and knowledge that will help us navigate our position.

Third, people do not always act the way they should and it impacts us. We can’t control others actions or how they feel about their actions. But our response is determined from what is inside of us and reveals our character. How we respond can either help or hurt the outcome of the situation. And as Christians, there is such a huge need for people to be humble and loving and forgiving. Our situation may not be favorable. But we still have to respond in a Godly and appropriate way. This tough. But God rewards us when we love Him and love others, despite how we are treated.

Fourth, we can’t really ever find fulfillment in life until we give our lives away. When we hold on to stuff, or our rights, or what we think we deserve, we can get bitter and frustrated and disappointed. But, when we focus on making other lives better, we get to climb with them to higher places. Every person on the planet is not getting what they think they deserve. But when we give of ourselves to help others get closer to what they deserve, our focus shifts off of ourselves and our wants and is in search mode to elevate others.

This is such a good question. It reveals so much about the questions inside. And I bet everyone thinks this all the time. But I know God has so much more for us than we realize. And to you who let me repost this question, keep those questions coming!

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