Busy Day

Crazy. Been going kind of non stop. First was men’s breakfast at J&J’s. Every Friday we meet at 7:00 am. Then, took the son to school. Back home for devotions. Then worked on web site and returned emails and finished off an ebay transaction. Left at 11:00 for lunch with Lee. Thunderbirds. Too much food. But good. Got back home and got a printer ready. We put it on Craig’s list as a freeby. Then I chopped some wood for the fireplace.  No that is not a typo. Then I wasted some time trying to get paypal and ebay squared away. Then it was off to a storage place to get packing material. It took about 45 minutes because the handy individual was all by himself and a long rental deal ahead of me. Then it was off to church with Michael to wrap up the mixer we sold on ebay. It wasn’t pretty but it will do the job. I got home and had a quick chat with the lad. And now I am here typing this. In between all that I had a counseling call, a youth ministry question and I burned a DVD to ship out to Colorado. Done.

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