In the Christian vernacular, doing your “devotions” means praying or reading your Bible or some other way of connecting with God. It amazes me that as Christians, we should have a regular daily time with God and we should be committed to a local church. I fully understand that when people come to Christ they are not routinely having devotions. They need to find their way. But people who have been Christians for a long time should be regular.

When people ask me for counsel or advice, often one of the questions I ask is if they are having regular times of Bible reading and prayer. In a sense, it’s like a mechanic asking if you put oil, water, and gas in your car. It’s fundamental. Most of the problems we all face in life could be solved if we just took serious our responsibility to check it out in the Bible.

Now this doesn’t solve the athiests and agnostics problems. They have determined their source is not God or our view of God. But for the Christian, who claims to be not athiestict or agnostic, devotion times are fundamental.

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