Do you choose anything over generosity? Self preservation? Self comfort? Financial stability? Comfort? Justice? I simply choose to be generous. A couple of days ago we took a meal to a family that needed one. We have done this all our married lives. And even though financially we are really tight, I refuse to stop being generous. I refuse to get greedy and selfish and tight. And it’s not because we are pastors, although pastors ought to be taking meals to people. We don’t do all the church meals, but we are involved and we are part of the group of people that provide care to our members. But even if we weren’t, we would still be helping people with meals. It’s just the right thing to do.

But doing it in spite of being financially tight helps us keep the proper perspective. We can share. We can help. We can do what we can. And I will just go on and say it. If you are helping people out in some way, no matter what your situation, you need a major adjustment. You can’t answer every problem, but you can help answer one once in a while.

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