American Pie

At men’s breakfast, we were talking about obvious things like the auto industry bailout, whether or not unions are still viable, the economy, jobs, media, unemployment. Farily weighty stuff. It’s on our minds. It is resonating in us all lately. But all our talk wont’ solve much. I left the restaurant thinking that even though we talk through the issues, not much gets done. And so I thought, what can or should be done. And so I submit the following as fuel for action.

– Don’t keep dwelling on the negative. The media simply wants to provide information that we will feed on. There is a lot of good news around. Let’s look for it. Let’s talk about what is happenign that is good and wonderful and positive. It doesn’t make the bad news go away. But it can help us realize that there are still amazing things going on around us.

– Don’t stop being generous. Even if you lose your job, you can still be generous in your own way. Jimmie bought my breakfast today. He just got layed  off. Generosity is the fuel of love. Let’s be generous.

– Pray. You can make a difference in prayer. The heart of the nations often rests in the hearts of believers. God blesses through His people. So let’s pray and ask God for help and direction.

– Let’s be Godly. Let’s not respond to negative with negative. Let’s respond with God’s word. We must read the Bible and we must repeat what we read. If God said it, He must have really meant it. And it’s good for now and good for always.

– Get out of debt. People with no debt are more able to bless others in times of need. Let’s be helpers. I have given a lot to people all my life. And I have also received. We can be cheerful givers and help each other out. By getting out of debt, we get more freedom for that.

– Laugh alot. Lets not take everything too seriously. God is in charge. We need to let Him be in charge and enjoy the journey!

What am I missing?

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