Step Aside

I find that no matter what is in my way, if it’s to be done, I will find a way. All through ministry, I have had strange and unusual obstacles. I dream and think and come up with ideas. I launch out to do them and invariably run up on some weird and unusual hurdles. But I refuse to quit or to stop. If it’s God telling me to stop, fine, I will. But if not, I will become a resource freak. I will keep digging and pushing until we get a solution. I can recount so many times having to just push through it to get to the other side.

And perhaps one of my weaknesses is in dealing with people, especially leaders, all through my ministry years, who just quit or give up or refuse to dig. I know it’s impatience on my part. But people have learned to just quit or give up. It is an underlying phenomenon in our society. Don’t want to study? Drop out of school. Don’t want to work your job because you don’t like your boss? Quit. Tired of being married? Get a divorce. Tired of your car? Upgrade. We are a society that has stopped learning to endure for the sake of what might be on the other end.

So to you dear reader, don’t quit. Be resourceful. Find people to help you. Read. Google. Pray. Keep looking over the obstacle in your way and focus on what’s beyond it. And eventually you will wiggle, climb, or crawl around it. Just don’t quit. Here’s one more thought. Don’t stop thinking. And don’t make me or someone else do the thinking you are capable of doing. You are an amazing spectacle of God’s creative and ingenious ability to accomplish much. So go big!!!!

2 Responses to Step Aside

  1. tapps says:

    thanks for this… it’s so true. 🙂

  2. Sherri says:

    This was really good. It was something that I needed to hear right now, as I am sure lots of others do too. You always have a great way of hitting home and making us think about things that we may be struggling with. Way to go!!

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