Fantasy Football Results

Ok, so James, aka Rocket Dogs, won our Legacy Fantasy Football league. I am a bit bitter, I confess. I lost to him in the finals. Phil Rivers – you disgust me. How could you pick this Sunday to go nuts and put up ridiculous points. And Tony Romo. You need prayer brother. You hurt me. The rest of my team did their job. And here are the transcripts from my press conference.

—Could you have done anything different to win—
“Not really. No matter who I started, I would have lost. Phil Rivers just put up spectacular numbers today.”

—Are you a sore loser—
“Um. I don’t know. I love to win. Who enjoys losing. OK. Yes. I am a sore loser.”—

—Are you a sore winner—
“Um. I don’t know. YES. I love to win and I am kind of ugly about it. But only in fantasy football and video games.”

—What’s your plan for next season—
“I want to be the league commissioner so I can adjust points totals after the game. I need some inside help.”

—Who was your biggest player disappointment—
“Tony Romo. Hands down. He was so inconsistent. He had some injuries that hindered his performances.”

—Who are you glad didn’t win the league—
“Can’t say. I go to church with all of them. But pretty much I am glad I at least finished second. But second is the first loser. Or that’s what everyone keeps telling me.”

—Who did you miss from last season’s managers—
“All of them. But for sure Paul. Paul was nasty. He talked some serious smack. He was mean. And he had every intention of crushing his opponent every week.”

—Do you think it’s right to talk about FFL from the pulpit, especially bragging about your team—
“Please. I don’t look at it that way. I feel like it’s my opportunity to inspire and motivate the other managers.”

—What are you going to do in the off season—

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