Survey Response

We are getting responses back on our survey and some of the information is very good feedback. Occasionaly, I will take time to respond to some of them here on the blog.

Today, I got a response from someone saying that what we pay in rent is too high. In fact, the person went on to say that it was difficult to keep giving when that person felt like we weren’t spending our money wisely. Great response. And I want to talk through this response.

First, what we pay in rent is below the per space average for Cedar Park. Cedar Park is one of the highest in the country. We wanted to be in Cedar Park so we are stuck with that. Our other option was to move to a middle school or high school. Doing so would require set up and tear down. In the last six months, I know of four churches that closed its doors, all meeting in temporary facilities. I am not saying it can’t be done or shouldn’t be done in temporary space. But for us, we determined from the beginning to be in permanent space. And it has been a huge asset. We looked dilligently for space. And at the time we secured our current space, there was really nothing available at or below our current lease price. If we were any place else in Cedar Park, we would be paying a few hundred dollars more a month in rent. So it was a pretty good deal.

Second, we are a frugal church. We don’t blow money on any and everything we want. Just ask our department heads. We try to spend carefully. We know the money we are managing is God’s. So we believe we take care of stewarding God’s resources. We don’t like paying our monthly rental rate either. But it is what it is. What scares me is what the rental rates will be when we are ready to move out.

Third, no one, NO ONE, has taken any money on salary from our church yet. The pastors of our church, every one of them, including myself, have determined building the church was more important than personal gain. We are personally invested in this church. And we are personally invested in this building. I understand that if we had rent half the price I could be paid full time by the church. But I am not in the least bit disturbed by that. I love our church. And the current sacrifice for me personally is well worth it.

Fourth, giving to Legacy to pay rent is not the right perspective. Giving to Legacy should be in response to following God’s desire that we all bring our offerings to a local church. I give because God wants me to tithe and be faithful in my giving. I don’t give to our church so we can pay rent. I give to our church because I love God and I love the work of the local church. Always have. Always will. I can see the challenge of being frustrated with how much rent is. But it’s not my problem or anyone elses problem but God’s. So I am going to simply be faithful with my giving and believe the people God has called to Legacy will do the same.

To you who sent that response, thank you. I appreciate your honesty. I appreciate your frustration. You didn’t leave your name. But I hope you will read this through and catch my heart on this topic. And I wish you would talk with me or one of the pastors about it further. I would dearly love cheaper rent. But I believe God led me and our leadership and our people to this building. And we have seen God do such great things in that space. So pray with us for increase. Thanks again for your survey! Tony

2 Responses to Survey Response

  1. Chris Marlow says:

    I think you cats rock. Very few people build a church without paying staff. That is about as frugal as it gets!

  2. Thanks Chris. I think that will change in 2009. But you are right, we are pinching pennies with vice grips.

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