Weekly Update Meltdown

I really loathe the weekly update we send out. It’s not so much about the content. It’s the design. It’s all templates. But every time I change the template, there is always something that goes crazy. Typically, there is some coupon I forget to take out or something bizarre like that. This week, there was a coupon. And, for whatever reason, the color scheme looked like a technicolor machine vomitted on the screen. Ay carumba. I am going to custom make one template and NEVER change it again. I don’t care what new ones they come out with. I don’t care if the maker of the color wheel comes to my house. I don’t care if the magazine editor’s guild shows up at my house. ONE TEMPLETE FOR ALL TIME FOR ALL PEOPLE. The weekly update will be that one thing that pushes me over the edge. Then the news will come on and the reporter will say “He was a nice enough guy. But it seems like once that update went out, he snapped.” Picture fades to me strapped into a gurney. And all you will here me saying is a bunch of gobildy goop.

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