Interesting day. Went to men’s breakfast at J&J’s. Always good. And we have some great men of God in our church. Then went home and did my morning routine. Then went to church to work on video stuff with Michael. The gear is now working pretty well and should allow live video/audio of both the worship and the message Sunday mornings. Got home and caught up on some emails and twitter. In a short while, I will head out to my sons high school soccer game. Who knows what after that. But it’s been a nice easy week.

Can’t wait for church this Sunday. We are going to seriously move our church forward financially individually and corporately. I believe some amazing days are in store for us this year. Should be fun.

Can I just say I hope Oklahoma loses around 90-0. I realize if they win it opens the door to the remote possibility of Texas being a co-champion. But I just want stoops and the sooners to get stomped. If you are a sooner fan and you read this blog, don’t take it personally. I didn’t when Texas whipped OU!!!! But I mean that in the most sincere Christian way. Love ya!!!

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